Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back and ready for action

Hello all, It has been a while since my last post.  I am back and in full summer swing ready to cook up some great summer creations and do some entertaining. Since the inside of our house is laid out a little strange and since we have a great back yard, we have opted to set up outside with some new duds to enjoy the space.

The next area that we enjoy, and will hopefully be adding to my list of fresh ingredients for recipes is my small garden and fresh herbs.

Just starting to get my crop of cucumbers for salads and pickles.  I cant wait to start eating them.

Alecia loves her lemon-balm for making her own tea.

This would be my freakishly tall collard green plant.  I have to trim it down and see if it will start producing  big leaves again.  For now I have a collard tree.

Also this year we are planting alot more flowers in the yard to enjoy.

I have some pumkin plants that have shot up from last years crop that I guess left some seeds behind.

For know I am working to get things set up where I can get back to cooking and playing around with recipes.  I have been working on my hummus and pita bread and this weekend will be brisket for the first time in the new smoker. That's all for now.