Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Menu........What to do, what to do

     So with the names rolling around in my head it is now time to start piecing together a base menu.  Easier said then done when you look at it.  Do I keep it simple and just go with quick items and lower overhead things. Or do I get brave and inventive?  I think I will try a bit of both, simple items with a inventive flare.
      I love sandwiches and making them simple yet rich in flavor.  Take for instance the Texas press, a mixture of chicken and pork with good swiss cheese, some caramelized onions, and some great fresh made bread perfectly pressed golden brown on both sides.  That is good viddles.  Make anything out of quality ingredients and cook it perfectly and you have simple, yet great food. Then take that and pair it with great pickled products such as fresh homemade pickled okra, banana peppers, hot peppers ect.  The other thing is that sandwiches make great street food because they are so portable for the person on the go. 
      Next you have Pita Sliders, take saucer sized fresh baked pita bread, open it up and fill with all your favorite meats and cheeses with a spicy or tangy aoli (fancy mayonnaise) lettuce and tomato and you got something brother.

    The pita slider, the perfect street food.  Well I guess now I have one solid recipe to start with. Until next time..................STAY HUNGRY


  1. Redneck Gourmet

    I like the recipe and I love sandwiches. Just wish it was gluten free!

    How about your pico de gallo? That is good stuff!