Monday, February 21, 2011

What is the benifit???

      When pondering the upside to being a small business owner the word freedom comes to mind every time.  Free from a controlling micro-managing boss, free to work your own schedule, and free to run your business as you see fit.  The one idea that I do not like to think about is the lack of work sponsored,and low cost medical benefits.


       Working for a large international company that offers amazing benefits at really low rates makes it really hard to imagine life without them.  I was raised to believe that when you look for  a job, good benefits are a key part of your decision.  I hear stories all the time where people go broke just because someone in the family gets sick and with the deductibles and the coinsurance the medical bills start piling up.  I have to say the only thing that turns me off every time I think about quitting my job and doing something that I love, is the lack of affordable medical benefits for my family.

      Making decisions on what insurance to buy, when looking on a individual family basis is like playing craps.  You have to figure out what bet you wanna make.  Do you put all of your chips on the chance that there are no major medical issues that year and choose the higher deductible and coinsurance.  Or do you anticipate the possible issue and double your premiums just in case something does happen.  It can really boggle the mind and stress you out.  How do you make decisions that are based on percentages and luck.


      Alright enough with all the Debbie Downer stuff, WAA WAA WAA.  I am fairly certain that i am going to go forward with the pita idea as my main theme for my mobile food establishment.  Alecia and I have been experimenting with multiple recipes using the pita pocket and the ideas seem to be endless, including breakfast sandwiches, Falafels, and a whole lot more.
       Thanks to everyone for all of the name ideas, and keep them coming.  A final verdict will be coming soon. until next time, stay hungry.

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  1. Just bought 2 slabs of Baby Back Ribs from Kroger @ $2.99 a pound.
    I finally cooked the ribeyes a couple of nights ago. They were so good. New York and Ribeyes -my favorite cuts of meet.