Monday, February 14, 2011

Today retail, tommrow the world


I am a firm believer that you follow your heart and you will be truly happy.

     I have applied that motto to all aspects of my life except for my career.  I attended culinary school, worked in the kitchen, and spent some time in the food industry, but ultimately left due to burn out.  It was not until recently that I realized that I was looking at it all the wrong way.  There is a saying that rings in my head that a instructor once told me, "Catering is a license to steal".  Which was a dramatic way of saying that there is unlimited opportunity in the catering world.   Ever since that moment I have felt a draw to catering/mobile food.  A totally open way of expressing myself and also a way to be my own boss in the industry that I am drawn to.

       I am more driven than ever to put this dream in motion one day.  I think it is crazy but then again I come from a family of entrepreneurs that have ventured out into the food business and been quite successful I might add.  "Why not me" I ask myself, "why can't I take my passion and make it into a way of living".  Not to become rich but just to support my family and do what I love to do.

      There are few food people that I look up to, but Anthony Bourdian is my end all of celebrity chefs and authors on all food related topics.

The best part about Anthony Bourdain is his approach to food.  Use the best ingredients and let the food speak for itself, food speaks about a person and a place and most importantly his true love for street food and food carts.
    I am excited about the prospect of possibly taking my love of food and sharing it with the masses.  There is a lot of soul in food and you have to be able to taste the food as you are preparing it and planning it.  If the mere thought of a dish makes you tingle with excitement, then it is probably a soulful one.  I believe that our fast food, food chain culture needs to be broken and people need to realize what good food is.  I hope to one day help teach them what that is.

      So friends and followers, I hope you join me on this journey of mine and I hope that there is lots of good food along the way. STAY HUNGRY

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