Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's in a name?

    There are so many steps in the process of starting your own food business, but right now I am stumped by what might be considered the easiest, creating a name.  I am racking my brain with what name really clicks, Across the Board? Taylor's Trailer?  Maybe Taylor's Trailer of Culinary Delights.  I am baffled at the moment.
  It needs to reflect the food and the inspiration behind my drive to open a mobile food establishment.  I have gone through all of the funny ones like, Taylor Trash (play on Trailer trash), Jarred, Canned Cuisine.  None of them really clicking. When it comes to food, I intend to use all of the favorites from both Grandma's in most of my recipes (especially the use of canned garden veggies i.e pickled okra, pickled banana peppers, and green tomato relish).  So that draws me to some kind of family related name.  Maybe Taylor's Tradition????   Nah

         I guess for now I will have to keep racking my brain and hope that i get some more followers and some good ideas.

So for now....keep eatin, and stay away from those evil chain places and support your local mom and pops.  And cast your vote on possible names at the bottom of this page.


  1. Family Traditions

    Taylor Traditions

    Trailer Traditions

    Granny's Recipe Box

    Nita Joyce's

    The Tasty Trailer

    Brad's Homegrown Goodness


    Southern Boys Trailer

    Redneck Cuisine

    The Sophisticated Redneck

    I'll stop now!